Basic Service Menu for Residents of Single-Family Homes

Valid as of July 1, 2014

Basic Weekly Collection Service* - Billed Quarterly

Container Size Curbside Monthly Rate Backyard or Sideyard Monthly Rate**
20-gallon Garbage Cart $28.44 $39.05
32-gallon Garbage Cart $30.62 $41.23
64-gallon Garbage Cart $61.25 $71.86
96-gallon Garbage Cart $91.87 $102.49
* Rate includes one 96-gallon cart for organics and one 96-gallon cart for mixed recyclables. Customers can request smaller cart sizes for organics and/or recyclables; however, the quarterly rate shall be the same as listed above.
** An additional fee applies if walk-in distance is more than 100 feet. Fee is $10.89 per each additional 100 feet. Backyard/sideyard service is provided for no additional charge to residents with disabilities; a form is required.

Additional Bulky Waste Collection***

Material Type Examples Rate Per Pickup
Individual Large Item Sofa, mattress, table, washer, water heater, etc. $17.68
Individual Large Item Containing Freon Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Freezer, etc. $54.46
1 Cubic Yard of Loose Material All other large items-- bathtubs, furniture, bicycles, used exercise equipment, beds, box springs, tires etc. $27.23
*** Bulky items and loose garbage collected through the cleanup program are no charge. Above charges apply to additional items/garbage.

Rates for Miscellaneous Service

Service Description of Service Rate per Occurrence
Additional Cart Exchange Cart delivery/pick-up (charge if customer requests a change in cart size more than once per year) $27.23
Special Construction/ Landscape Special Construction/Demolition, or Landscape Materials Collection Please check our debrix box rates.